There are many reasons why I love shooting on film. It’s the quality and the process, because you are more focused on the person – you don’t just click away, it’s much more of a cooperation. You really consider every single image and before you press the shutter you have to be happy.

Tereza Červeňová

The act of writing and sending greeting cards, postcards and invitations not only makes each message unique, printed cards are memories in tangible form and they also bear a certain charm that electronic communication cannot replace.

People of Print Posterzine #3

Rooms that were once lived in have become solid blocks of stone, megaliths piled one on top of another like an infant giant’s building bricks. Foursquare sash windows that once looked out on to the world have become blind, heavy, cruciform reliefs. Doors that once opened have become sealed panels of rock. The house has, itself, become a giant sarcophagus, a mausoleum containing (but also concealing, as mausoleums do) the lives and memories of all the people who once lived there.

Cities may be metaphors, but those metaphors are highly mutable. That’s because cities are living organisms that draw their shape and energy from the people who live and work in them. They defy top-down planning. Just think about the many failed experiments in urban renewal that theorist Jane Jacobs disparaged because they tried to impose constructs on people who wanted no part of them. The success of cities can’t be programmed or assured. They can fall as fast as they rise.

Cities as Ideas