it’s done! 

looks a bit plain but it’ll look better when i’ve got more projects to put on it. 

I think web design is quite interesting, though it does take a lot of time just to make minor changes/tweaking. would definitely want to look into web designing. 


painful process of having to edit each and every one of the photographs… adjust brightness/contrast, exposure and resizing photographs so that they could be uploaded onto my cargo page. Also saved them separately as RGB and CMYK files for my portfolio


Black Sheep Barn is where I’ll be doing my placement at during the summer. I’m a fan of their work and I have a few of their products – phone/music player carrying cases. They’re phone/ music player cases of a sheep and a chicken, and they’re all handmade, sewn and designed by the designers of Black Sheep Barn. I really admire the fact that they’re 100% original and unique, and that they are hand-sewn. Hopefully I shall have the opportunity to witness the production of them!

I found my work placement by emailing my CV and portfolio to one of the designers at Black Sheep Barn. I shall be working with them for a few weeks after I go home for the summer. I’m really excited I’ll be working with them. 

This was whom I did my placement with last year. I really like their webpage, especially the animation they’ve got in the contents/navigation bar. I might try and make my own animated/interactive navigation bar if time allows. 

Found this website where they judge/ score various websites according to the Design, Usability, Content and Creativity. 

Adrien Laurent’s online portfolio

I like the transitions between different pages and how the background is interactive – changes differently when the cursor hovers over different portfolio work.