Foxlow by Charlie Smith Design

“We used the new positioning to rebrand the restaurant, focusing on creating an identity that had threads of tradition presented in a youthful and playful manner. A new logo was created using a characterful serif font which balanced the traditional with a more quirky edge. Colour was also used in a similar way, paring traditional darker tones with contemporary feeling brights and unusual combinations.”


it’s done! 

looks a bit plain but it’ll look better when i’ve got more projects to put on it. 

I think web design is quite interesting, though it does take a lot of time just to make minor changes/tweaking. would definitely want to look into web designing. 


Final layout of my cargo website

I’ve put in the same projects as I did in the digital and print portfolio. However, there are more photographs on my website. I’ve also re-edited the photos as the previous ones were too dark and looked blue-grey.

changed the rollover image of my thumbnails to my newest pattern. 
also changed the weight of the project titles and color of the tags so that they are legible on the rollover image