using the camera layer and null object layer for the zoom in and zoom out shots of my video

it’s quite confusing at first, ‘cause you have to adjust the zooming out of the camera with the fading out of the scene so it doesn’t show. the duration for the zoom in and zoom out has to be adjusted as well so it doesn’t zoom in and ‘bounce’ right back out. 

added sound effects to the animated polaroids to make the whole thing more realistic. still need to tweak the background music and sound effects, adjusting the length and decibels stuff 

oscar winning short film “Paperman”. I watched this a few weeks ago. I like how there’s no narration/ voice-over in the animation, just music and b&w animation.The simple use of red for the lipstick stain in a b&w animation really hightlights and makes it stand out. The story is simple but heart-warming and sweet. 

version of my animation using outlined backgrounds. I thought using just the outlines could put people’s attention to the people and have less distraction.

after showing it to David, I agree with him that it diluted the message of ‘creating more memories’. so I decided to change the backgrounds and use the original photographs for the background instead. it also saved the trouble of having to replace the ‘people’ in my animation as I didn’t have to find ‘people’ from other photographs that are in the right positions/movements. 

another Pixar short film that I really like. It’s beautifully done and the story is great.

it’s a mirrored version… ‘cause of copyright and stuff.

Pixar’s works are amazing, both short animations and movies.