Chartis Graphein by Nancy McCabe

‘I’ve wanted to create my own version of a world map ever since I was in college. The idea for creating a purely typographic map came as a submission for the typography based art show in Chicago, called Typeforce.’

‘Constellations of white ink on black paper create a world of typography so mesmerizing you’ll have to be careful not to get lost.’ – Jessica Mullen

Politicians Discussing Global Warming by Issac Cordal.

These sculptures/little people are placed in different places all over the world to help raise awareness of the environmental problems of the world.

I really like the idea and execution. I think the whole installation speaks for itself.. need I say more?

Came across Daniel Spoerri’s work while I was visiting Tate Modern. 

I like how he’s frozen a moment in time by creating these snare pictures, where he glued down things on various surfaces as they were found. 

“In the digital age, the materiality of magazines will be the only reason why print media will stay. 

This project is a creative intervention done to represent the sensory experience one can only get when they read a paper bound book.”

Untitled by Melvin Tan