Health America Campaign advertisement by McCann Erickson. 

creative idea on using releasing gas as a metaphor for losing weight. i also like how he put in small tips to lose weight/keep fit as text in the bottom corner. 

Let’s Move ! campaign launched by US First Lady Michelle Obama 

– aims to help fight obesity/overweight problem in children 

– five pillars of this initiative : 

1) create a healthy start for children

2) empower parents & caregivers

3) provide healthy food in schools

4) improve access to healthy, affordable foods 

5) increase exercise/physical activity 

An article that addresses the increasing number of overweight children in US. There’s an uprising trend due to various reasons and can be categorized under 2 groups – diet and exercise. It also suggests some simple tips on how the situation can be improved, such as avoiding artificial snacks and drink water instead of juice/soda.