No.51 Designer’s Typeface 設計師字體庫
book i     lab 實驗場
book ii    the type issue 字語
book iii   typeface selections by graphic designers 平面設計師的字體推薦

Echo and Smoke typeface designed by Elle Kim. I like how negative space of each letter/alphabet is used as the design element, creating some really interesting patterns on the page.

Mooncake packaging done by Hong Kong agency Point-blank Design Ltd. Really like how they’ve made the text/chinese characters illustrative and decorative. The use of thin lines makes it more elegant and delicate as well. I think the foil print on the packaging also echoes with the elegance and delicacy of the design. 

Another article on ‘Reverting to Type’ exhibition in London. Wish I could have seen the prints in person.

An article from creative review on ‘Reverting to Type’ exhibition in London back in 2010. I was reading a book a while back (don’t remember the name) and came across the name David Pearson. I probably noted it down because it was related to letterpress, so I decided to look up David Pearson letterpress and this came up. Looks like it was an amazing exhibition.