Another illustration journal that I found in the library. Illustrations are based on the author’s childhood memories of his house and the farm. I really like the way he used different textures and patterns to illustrate the different parts of the surroundings.

Urban Carpet by Instant Hutong

“Series of 8 maps embroidered on canvas with the same technique of the propaganda slogans realized on large fabric and used by the communist party during the seventies, which have been lately filled with white thread wool insertions. The 8 maps depict different Hutong areas in downtown Beijing, with a size of approximately one square kilometre each and a population of 30000; these areas have been isolated as autonomous towns within the big city. ”

attempted marbled printing again. this time using shaving cream and paint to do it. they turned out better than the ones I did with soapy water and watercolours. I printed onto old black and white photographs, and this second hand illustration book I got from the vintage bookstore.

since marbled printing failed, i just played around with nail polish. and created these prints by putting nail polish onto water and also flicking them onto paper.

“In the digital age, the materiality of magazines will be the only reason why print media will stay. 

This project is a creative intervention done to represent the sensory experience one can only get when they read a paper bound book.”

Untitled by Melvin Tan