testing out where the headline should be placed. not sure if I like the headline though… the sub-heading looks out of place, might play with it more.

Considering Irma Boom’s contracting/opposing personalities(?) I realized she has a contrasting/opposing style and personality. Her works are amazing, bold and daring, one of a kind, yet she’s a really shy person. She rarely looks at her audience when she gives a presentation/speech. She fidgets with the pages, corner of her books and has quite a lot of hand gestures when she gives a presentation. She herself also mentioned that she had her hair down and covered her face while she was working at the government printing office. Seeing this contrast in her personality and work, it’s like she’s a completely different person when she works. 

I looked into ways to present this dilemma, and thought of arrows pointing in opposite direction. I tried to arrange the text and images as if they are going in different directions (-> <-). I thought the layout looks quite interesting, but it would be quite difficult to fit all of the text in. It’s rather hard to read as well. 

Having presented this in my presentation, Sally gave me some feedback on this. I agree with her that there’s too much text in it. 

initial ideas of layout for magazine spread. 

I’m thinking of using colors to highlight some of the quotes from the given transcript. The highlighted text would be sth said by Irma Boom that I found daring. I’ve also increased the width of the text as you go over the pages. However I think this idea is rather literal and dull. It’s also kinda like reading a report/textbook, highlighting important points. 

A quick go at trying out the light effect in After Effects 

it should be able to create the movement of the sunlight to suggest the passing the time.. still need to figure out how to make it more realistic. changing the color of the lights to a warmer color should give it a more natural feeling 

One of the ideas I had for the family/ memories approach. I decided not to use a photo album for the poster in the end ‘cause I thought there was too much space, and it looked rather empty. If I had other photographs on the other page on the right, it wouldn’t be able to illustrate the message clearly as the whole picture would not be shown. I also thought it looked quite sad with only 1 photo on the page, which does not echo with the message of making exercise a happy habit.