“Vintage launched its Classics imprint ten years ago with a series of 20 books, pairing a classic work with a contemporary title. The new brand had a bold design and ushered in a cover and spine treatment that is now instantly recognisable. Since then, a range of design approaches have marked Vintage Classics out as a home for well-crafted individual covers, innovative collaborations and some of the best series design in recent years. The design team regularly shares its work via its CMYK blog.“

The path of the eye when reading a double spread page. Looking at where I should place my headline and sub-headline on my double page spread. Given the nature of reading from left to right for Western text, I think it’d be best to place my headline in area 1 (upper left corner) of a page. However, I do think with the use of color and font size/paragraph styles, it could alter the path of the eye and make the text more eye-catching.