attempted marbled printing again. this time using shaving cream and paint to do it. they turned out better than the ones I did with soapy water and watercolours. I printed onto old black and white photographs, and this second hand illustration book I got from the vintage bookstore.

Having talked to Richard, he suggested that we could look into how to make use of our logos to show/represent sth that isn’t there, or you can’t see; ie. ways to show the abstract idea of the energy flow/aura of crystal healing. He also suggested that we could look into the refraction of crystals.

Images I found that was interesting while looking into ways to show refraction/reflection of a crystal/prism. I like how the placement and simple shifts of text could show a flow/ create an illusion of a presence of a transparent crystal.

found this webpage by Amy Moss 
loving her freebies and all the colorful and happy things she puts on her blog !