Typographic/lyrical print done by Boris Pelcer.

I like how he’s used stars for the typography of the poster, suggesting a romantic, magical and fantasy-ish feeling. The typography’s also beautifully illustrated. 

I wouldn’t know what to do with [colour]. Colour to me is too real. It’s limiting. It doesn’t allow too much of a dream. The more you throw black into a colour, the more dreamy it gets … Black has depth. It’s like a little egress; you can go into it, and because it keeps on continuing to be dark, the mind kicks in, and a lot of things that are going on in there become manifest. And you start seeing what you’re afraid of. You start seeing what you love, and it becomes like a dream.

David Lynch

Waking dreams are the ones that are important, the ones that come when I’m quietly sitting in a chair, letting my mind wander. When you sleep, you don’t control your dream. I like to dive into a dream world that I’ve made or discovered; a world I choose … [You can’t really get others to experience it, but] right there is the power of cinema.

David Lynch

Workshop on folding and format

I did a little experiment and created a fold by making changes to the concertina fold. It’s not too user-friendly or logical though. I might explore more into the book fold and my own invented fold to see if I could incorporate Irma Boom’s unconventional style/ hidden boldness into the format. 

spread page taken from Nylon Magazine June/July 2012 issue. 

the HUGE quote that takes up one whole page really catches your attention. it’s so big that you see it as one huge chunk/ block of text at first, then spotting the words underlined in pink. the pink highlights/ throws light at the important bits 

i like how the quote goes from one page to the other, continuing across and changing from a header to body text. makes really great use of a double-page spread.