355 Book by Adrian Schnegg

“Schnegg presents his thesis that he completed last year: ‘Errors in Print’. For two months Schnegg screen printed 355 black circles, the idea was to use the advantages of a manual printing method to experiment with effects, textures and marks. A circle shape printed on white paper, centred in the middle of each page was chosen as the format to create a sense of unity whilst still showcasing the differences in experimental processes.“

Done is a unique artists’ book produced specifically for the ‘we love your
books’ 2009 exhibition entitled ‘Closure’, at Artworks, Milton Keynes.
This tissue paper book is based on an obsession with list-making. It
explores the typographic potential of the handwritten list and places it
within a new context.

Letterpress and silkscreen printed onto tissue paper.


Designer of the week – 13/10/2014

Olga Ezova-Denisova    |    http://ezovadenisova.ru

Olga Ezova-Denisova is an artist and illustrator based in Yekaterinburg, Russia. She uses hand-held techniques to create her illustrations. Her favorite type of work is a collage, linocut and stamps. She likes to experiment with the new techniques, mixing and trying different artistic techniques.

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attempted marbled printing again. this time using shaving cream and paint to do it. they turned out better than the ones I did with soapy water and watercolours. I printed onto old black and white photographs, and this second hand illustration book I got from the vintage bookstore.

since marbled printing failed, i just played around with nail polish. and created these prints by putting nail polish onto water and also flicking them onto paper.