“Based in north west London, for the past few years Smile has been created large printed posters and pasting them across the walls of the capital. Each bears a message addressing themes including “individual rights, personal responsibility, respect for nature and the environment and a warning against the destructive forces of greed, intolerance, arrogance and hubris,” he says. His name is drawn from those scenarios when you’re cheerily asked to “smile” even after being scalded, or following a traumatic situation: “it indicates a sense of control, like ‘you WILL smile, whatever we do.’”

Presentation boards for the health brief, with the finalized poster designs and posters fitted in context. I think the posters came out quite well. If I were to improve my designs, I would have tried digging up more old/ childhood photographs of people doing exercises. I think having a wider range of photographs and illustrating different kinds of exercises would have given the posters a broader range and more variety. 

Anthony Burrill uses typography to express his ideas, mainly making use of statements / punch lines that is straight to the point of the message that he is trying to carrying across

he uses letterpress for his posters. i like how he only uses typography in his works yet theyre still powerful and effective. could consider using simply typography for the health project.

Update: having the talk by Anthony Burrill gave me a better understanding of his works. I’m amazed by the oil and water letterpress poster he did to save the beach. I think it’s a very creative approach in making a poster, and it has taken his letterpress posters to another level. It was definitely worth the hassle and destruction of screens used for printing the posters as the posters are impressive and beautiful.