it’s done! 

looks a bit plain but it’ll look better when i’ve got more projects to put on it. 

I think web design is quite interesting, though it does take a lot of time just to make minor changes/tweaking. would definitely want to look into web designing. 


changed the rollover image of my thumbnails to my newest pattern. 
also changed the weight of the project titles and color of the tags so that they are legible on the rollover image

Charlotte Allen’s self branding portfolio and cv 

could take her layouts as reference for organizing landscape and portrait photographs on the same page. 

went onto my cargo webpage on my phone.

layout looks pretty much the same. except my logo isnt on the page anymore.

the typeface has been replaced by another sans serif font as edited in the html codes that when avenir isnt available, replace with sans serif typeface

portfolio layouts 

based the layout on my cv layout, but doubled the rows and columns for more flexibility to fit the photographs around the page.

currently there are 4 photographs on each page, probably need to do some other ones to fit the amount/type of work for different project