Presentation boards for the health brief, with the finalized poster designs and posters fitted in context. I think the posters came out quite well. If I were to improve my designs, I would have tried digging up more old/ childhood photographs of people doing exercises. I think having a wider range of photographs and illustrating different kinds of exercises would have given the posters a broader range and more variety. 

Process of the bulletin board poster 

I finally decided to use the bulletin board instead of the photo album design. I placed in the old photographs and adjusted the colors of the photos to make it more polaroid-like.

I added captions on the polaroids and tried out different ways of putting the copy and tagline. I think having the text in white makes it stand out more from the rest of the board.

I decided to move the logo of the health department onto the polaroids as it has a white background and it would less of a distraction. I think it looks better treated as a sticker on the polaroid instead of having it as a small card pinned on the bulletin board. 

I wasn’t sure what typeface to use for my tagline and copy. I thought Bradley Hands wasn’t strong enough to make the text stand out and considered using Dakota. I wanted to use a script typeface so that it gives a feeling that the text is handwritten. 

After hearing some comments from David, I changed the typeface of the tagline to Futura but kept the captions in Dakota. It made the tagline bolder and stands out more. Yet the captions still had the handwritten impression in it. 

One of the ideas I had for the family/ memories approach. I decided not to use a photo album for the poster in the end ‘cause I thought there was too much space, and it looked rather empty. If I had other photographs on the other page on the right, it wouldn’t be able to illustrate the message clearly as the whole picture would not be shown. I also thought it looked quite sad with only 1 photo on the page, which does not echo with the message of making exercise a happy habit.