Concrete Passages About Closeness and Coldness… and a Couple of Songs by Gábor Kasza

“Instead of high quality cardboard, photographer Gábor Kasza opted for a much more unconventional material to house his latest photo book, entitled Concrete Passages About Closeness and Coldness… and a Couple of Songs. The material? Kasza meticulously crafted a slipcase using actual concrete, mimicking the urban aesthetic that is ingrained in his super contrasted visuals.”

There are many reasons why I love shooting on film. It’s the quality and the process, because you are more focused on the person – you don’t just click away, it’s much more of a cooperation. You really consider every single image and before you press the shutter you have to be happy.

Tereza Červeňová

painful process of having to edit each and every one of the photographs… adjust brightness/contrast, exposure and resizing photographs so that they could be uploaded onto my cargo page. Also saved them separately as RGB and CMYK files for my portfolio

Process of the bulletin board poster 

I finally decided to use the bulletin board instead of the photo album design. I placed in the old photographs and adjusted the colors of the photos to make it more polaroid-like.

I added captions on the polaroids and tried out different ways of putting the copy and tagline. I think having the text in white makes it stand out more from the rest of the board.

I decided to move the logo of the health department onto the polaroids as it has a white background and it would less of a distraction. I think it looks better treated as a sticker on the polaroid instead of having it as a small card pinned on the bulletin board. 

Process of fridge poster:

I originally had more post-its notes and mom’s lil notes on the fridge layout. But I thought there would be too much cluster and they were all over the place. So I decided to just keep 1 post-it and the polaroids. I think the post-it draws people’s attention and catches your eye so it was a good place for the tagline. It also made it stand out from the other things. 

I further cropped the fridge ‘cause I thought just having a bit of the freezer looked strange. I was worried that if I cropped it, it won’t look like a fridge anymore. However, the layout with magnets and the shiny surface managed to have it still look like a fridge.

I moved the logo of the Department of Health onto one of the polaroids instead of having it as a magnet. It looks more like a sticker on the polaroid but works well, ’cause it wouldn’t distract people from the rest of the contents as it did before as a magnet.