magazine advertisements and billboard on child obesity by the Canadian Paediatric Society.

it’s simple, straight forward and easy to understand. it’s more of shock tactic though, threatening that you would become bigger if you eat more, or life would be less fun if you spend more time on being immobile/sedentary.

i like the idea that it has some statistics on the bottom to give you some further information, not just simply saying you should keep fit and be on a diet. i think it helps raises awareness to the intensity of the problem.

“obesity is suicide”, another shock tactic advertisement.

straight to the point with the use of a sausage-made noose as a reminder for the deadly effects of obesity. the ad focuses more on the dietary changes/improvements that can be done, such as reduce consumption of fatty food. 

If you don’t move you get fat campaign by Scholz & Friends in Germany. 

simple and straight forward idea of using static/motionless statues as metaphor for not exercising, the lack of physical activity. 

Health America Campaign advertisement by McCann Erickson. 

creative idea on using releasing gas as a metaphor for losing weight. i also like how he put in small tips to lose weight/keep fit as text in the bottom corner. 

Child health care campaign on fighting obesity in Georgia 

– target audience : parents 

– tips on how to make small/simple changes 

– raises awareness in parents / help realize the seriousness of obesity/overweight children 

posters from the strong4life campaign on fighting child obesity. there was a debate on the message being carried across.

I think the posters are very effective in bringing out the message and the danger of child obesity. However child obesity is quite a sensitive topic and I think the posters would in some way hurt those who suffer from obesity, especially children. It is quite difficult to bring out the health risks of obesity and at the same time take the sensitivity of the topic into consideration. This campaign surely used a shock tactic for its posters to reinforce the deadly health risks brought by child obesity. 

I like how they’ve used black and white photographs with red text for the tagline. It makes the tagline, which carries the main message, stand out from the posters and it catches the audiences’ attention at first glance. 

an anti-soda advertisement by the NYC health department. another example of shock tactic. felt like throwing up after watching the man drink down a glass of fat. the ad is gruesome and disgusting…it sure works effectively as a turn-off for soda or sugary drinks… :