Sam Winston – Dictionary Story

My work often focuses on how we use language – from the order we read words to the shape the pages take. I look at existing books – such as dictionaries, timetables and children’s stories – and see if I can make new narratives from them. Written and designed by the artist. 24pp concertina set in Times Roman and printed offset litho on 170gsm Storafine paper in white cloth cover with olive-green cloth slipcase, 35 x 13 cms The edition is limited to 100 signed copies.

Composition No.1 is a re-imagining of a book originally published in the 1960s. The book is the first ever “book in a box”, by French writer Marc Saporta. When we say book in a box we mean: quite literally a book that comes in a box with loose pages. Each page has a self-contained narrative, leaving it to the reader to decide the order they read the book, and how much or how little of the book they want to read before they begin again. In so many ways, Composition No.1 was published ahead of its time: the book raises all the questions we ask ourselves today about user-centric, non-linear screen driven ways of reading.