perfect bound my flipbooks. covers are debossed with metal type using the letterpress.

creased and folded all my posters. posters folded down nicely, though I would still prefer it to be of thinner stock. but a thinner stock probably won’t go through the large format printer. so I’m happy with what I’ve got now. 

adjusting the layout so that it would fit with the fold. however white space is rather uneven, making it look very weird. 

trying it on landscape but it’s even worse. widened the margins on the side to help balance the white space.

David suggested that I could look at this issue of Eye Magazine. Joost Grootens has some really nice delicate maps done. He uses embroidery on the maps, which was something that I did consider at the beginning. 

putting colors into my posters to give it some life and help differentiate coastlines of different years 

each line above the year indicates the latest coastline within that time period