The White Review No. 2

“Issue two of literary and arts quarterly, The White Review has arrived. Edited by Benjamin Eastham and Jacques Testard, and under the continued art direction of Ray O’Meara, No.2 strengthens their resolve to “stay close to new writing and emerging art” in a journal format, refined aesthetically and collected within chapter-like sections. The range of writing and sharp interviews, extended and unapologetic, include William Boyd, Richard Wentworth and JH Engström, whose accompanying photographic series Back Home is beautifully delivered with as much weight as the texts that flank it…”

“The idea to Object magazine was born from my own interest in objects and what an object stands for. We’re living in a consuming and materialistic society, where objects play the role of showing who you are. So I wanted to dedicate an entire publication to objects, but from both a good and a bad perspective, our relationship to objects, how it can turn to an obsession and objectification.
With this assignment I got the possibility to work with text and imagery and also the questions what is a publication, who’s going to read it and what makes my magazine special. And also the concept of a magazine, something cohesive but every story should feel unique. ”