“As light filters through the glass it creates dancing patterns across the walls and over a group of maple, ash and holly trees.
"The facade appears like a waterfall flowing downward, scattering light and filling the air with freshness,” said the architect.“

Project name: Optical Glass House
Main purpose: Housing
Design: Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP Co.,Ltd.
Structure design: Yasushi Moribe
Contractor: Imai Corporation
Location: Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hitroshima, Japan

Stage design for The Cave done by Time Warp.

I like how the use of projections onto plain white cloth could work so well for visual effects of a stage. It’s cost-effective yet gives remarkable and satisfying results. I also like how they make the stage bigger, as if the audience stand are also part of the stage. Might consider incorporating this into my exhibition.

Having talked to Richard, he suggested that we could look into how to make use of our logos to show/represent sth that isn’t there, or you can’t see; ie. ways to show the abstract idea of the energy flow/aura of crystal healing. He also suggested that we could look into the refraction of crystals.

Images I found that was interesting while looking into ways to show refraction/reflection of a crystal/prism. I like how the placement and simple shifts of text could show a flow/ create an illusion of a presence of a transparent crystal.

A quick go at trying out the light effect in After Effects 

it should be able to create the movement of the sunlight to suggest the passing the time.. still need to figure out how to make it more realistic. changing the color of the lights to a warmer color should give it a more natural feeling