Done is a unique artists’ book produced specifically for the ‘we love your
books’ 2009 exhibition entitled ‘Closure’, at Artworks, Milton Keynes.
This tissue paper book is based on an obsession with list-making. It
explores the typographic potential of the handwritten list and places it
within a new context.

Letterpress and silkscreen printed onto tissue paper.

perfect bound my flipbooks. covers are debossed with metal type using the letterpress.

creased and folded all my posters. posters folded down nicely, though I would still prefer it to be of thinner stock. but a thinner stock probably won’t go through the large format printer. so I’m happy with what I’ve got now. 

Sings of use suggest a useful book. This aging process is entirely natural, takes a little away from the book, and should be celebrated. Of course, such wear can only occur if a book has been designed to last. If all books were designed to break apart on first opening, we would be denied that beauty.

Letterpress: New applications for traditional skills by David Jury

Another article on ‘Reverting to Type’ exhibition in London. Wish I could have seen the prints in person.

An article from creative review on ‘Reverting to Type’ exhibition in London back in 2010. I was reading a book a while back (don’t remember the name) and came across the name David Pearson. I probably noted it down because it was related to letterpress, so I decided to look up David Pearson letterpress and this came up. Looks like it was an amazing exhibition.