The Signs of Life by photographer Daniel Zakharov

“These “signs of life” provided very personal information about other people’s lives and the worlds unknown to me. And still, the most important part of those lives remained hidden. Today, when our lives are formed by social networks and you can learn anything you want to know about any one by a mere movement of your finger, I welcome mystery as something wonderful. To be free from virtual world, from the stream of information and knowledge, to be able to concentrate only on your perception of the reality around you, your own thoughts and fantasies…”

looking at the copy and typography of some movies that are related to magic. The typography for the English version of the Studio Ghibli movies are rather different than the original ones. The original ones are more hand-draw/illustrated and comic-like. 

Waking dreams are the ones that are important, the ones that come when I’m quietly sitting in a chair, letting my mind wander. When you sleep, you don’t control your dream. I like to dive into a dream world that I’ve made or discovered; a world I choose … [You can’t really get others to experience it, but] right there is the power of cinema.

David Lynch

I think the illustrations have very interesting angles in them. Especially the one where the angle of elevation is looking down from the top of a building onto the streets. Another painting that I found impressive is the one where the man merges into the starry-night sofa. I find it intriguing and imaginative. I also like how some of his illustrations have a collage-ish feeling to it.