Foxlow by Charlie Smith Design

“We used the new positioning to rebrand the restaurant, focusing on creating an identity that had threads of tradition presented in a youthful and playful manner. A new logo was created using a characterful serif font which balanced the traditional with a more quirky edge. Colour was also used in a similar way, paring traditional darker tones with contemporary feeling brights and unusual combinations.”

Identity for whiskey range Method and Madness designed by studio M&E

“The Midleton Distillery from Cork, Ireland, have introduced a new range of premium whiskeys called Method and Madness. The bottles and identity for the range were designed by Sweden based studio M&E, to match the “experimental” nature of the whiskey itself. The designers have successfully developed an aesthetic that departs from traditional whiskey branding. The bottle takes cues from laboratory glassware found in the micro distillery and the paneling of a whiskey cask. The ‘method’ can be seen in the straight lines and geometric construction of the logo mark, while the colourful marbled patterns embrace the ‘madness’. Each whiskey in the range is defined by a unique colour.”

Charlotte Allen’s self branding portfolio and cv 

could take her layouts as reference for organizing landscape and portrait photographs on the same page. 

Branding identity for Eleanor Finch done by Sam Lane. 

I like the way he’s incorporated a color into the identity. Also looking at the photography and camera angles at how I could exhibit/show work for my portfolio. 

got a spelling mistake in there… importance of spellcheck!