tested out chain stitch binding and coptic stitch binding which I might possibly use for my book 
need to consider the number of pages I have and the paper weight that I’m going to use in order to decide what binding would work best 

will look into japanese binding and see how I could manipulate it to fit my concept better

Sings of use suggest a useful book. This aging process is entirely natural, takes a little away from the book, and should be celebrated. Of course, such wear can only occur if a book has been designed to last. If all books were designed to break apart on first opening, we would be denied that beauty.

Letterpress: New applications for traditional skills by David Jury

A very delicately-made book. I like the idea of using wood for the outer-packaging/box/holder for the book as it has taken an element from the context and incorporated it into the design. The illustrations and visual are also very delicate. It must have took a lot of patience and time to do the illustrations/visuals and box-holder.

did book binding workshop ! 

tried out the japanese bind and circle accordian bind. 

the japanese bind is surely easier, as pages are individual; whereas the accordian one requires some accurate measurements to match up the pages and covers nicely. 

another type of book binding. this looks more complicated than the traditional coptic bind. but i like how the stitch goes onto the cover/back of the book, can be used as design of front/back cover

handmade sketchbooks done by Gina Nagi

bind : thread stitch