I watched the basic training tutorial videos on After Effects on Videocopilot.net

I think the tutorials are clear and easy to follow, though the use of an older version of After Effects in the video does confuse me at times. I think it’s a great revision guide to refresh what’s taught during sessions with Rich. They also have some other really cool tutorial videos (eg. light streak, medical zoom) that covers some common effects you see on TV, movies etc. 

I think having to learn After Effects has helped to appreciate all the efforts and hard work in creating and editing great films and shows. 


Some final tips

Don’t forget the camera. If you really want to make your animations special you should move the camera as you take your series of pictures. You can do this by either zooming in or out or panning from side to side. This moving of the camera is the single best way to make your animations stand out.

While the medium you use for your animation is very important and can turn a plain animation into something special to look at you should put some time and thought into the story of the animation. This is what can turn it into something truly remarkable. Surprise your viewers and keep them guessing as to what will happen next.

Just about anything in your every day world can be transformed into something extraordinary with a little bit of animation magic and a little bit of creativity. Just look around your house and you will discover lots of great ideas.