“Yener Torun is a 32 year-old architect who has turned Istanbul into the geographical equivalent of Aladdin’s cave of wonders. Tucked away among the beautiful Ottoman and Byzantine architecture and the blue Bosphorus are a wealth of impossibly bright buildings dominated by geometric patterns, rainbow hues and funny architectural idiosyncrasies. And through his Instagram account, Yener has been slowly but steadily documenting it all.”

adjusting the layout so that it would fit with the fold. however white space is rather uneven, making it look very weird. 

trying it on landscape but it’s even worse. widened the margins on the side to help balance the white space.

Color Magazine redesigned by Wedge & Lever. 

They’ve used a 12-column grid for the layouts, they’ve also showed how you can have so many different variations to play around with for the layout.