Most of the important theories in layout design are summarized on this webpage. I find this page really helpful, especially since they provide clear explanations with annotated visuals/diagrams next to it. It makes it easier to understand as you can see how it works on the page. The baseline grid mentioned by Hannah during a crit is also mentioned on this page. I like how they have the little tips on how to do it on InDesign. 

spread page from Nylon Magazine March 2012 issue. 

  • mono-tone with patch of pink to highlight quote
  • 2 column structure 

the use of pink smudge on the quote makes it jump out at you. it’s the only bit of color in the double page spread, catching your attention. path of eye then moves on to the girl/model.

editorial spread for The Walrus Magazine by Lily Li 

  • a simple 2 column layout ; 
  • clean & organized ; 
  • symmetrical & balanced layout

everything is clear and easy to read ; emphasis of text is done by using sub-header/quote in italics