folded cases/sleeves for each set of poster and flipbook. 

I changed the idea of having the poster as a sleeve on the flipbooks because I didn’t want to have a crease down the middle of my posters to allow space for the spines of the books. Also, having them as sets in cases/sleeves help reinforce that papers are less commonly used, probably hidden away in boxes or library collection. Vintage maps are now more of collectors’ pieces, hidden away in attics etc.

perfect bound my flipbooks. covers are debossed with metal type using the letterpress.

creased and folded all my posters. posters folded down nicely, though I would still prefer it to be of thinner stock. but a thinner stock probably won’t go through the large format printer. so I’m happy with what I’ve got now. 

Louis Vuitton Osaka invitations done by Happy Centro.

I really like the debossing and the use of silver ink on white paper. The whole design is very delicate and modern. And that is one complicated origami/folding.