final outcome for my ‘journey of an object’ brief. 

struggled a bit with this brief to be honest. i was taken back by the idea of having to make a 16-page book. and somehow i kept having the idea of a novel or textbook, text-filled book in my head when i had to come up with ideas. however, i was enlightened that book can be sth simple and easy-to-read, like a short story or fairytale that has more images that text. 

really enjoyed doing book-binding for the brief though. could develop it further by improving the silhouette illustrations of the book and using actual digital paper for the book instead of scanning them into the computer and printing it out again. the opague effect would have been more significant. 

final outcome for the arnold circus mapping project 

originally planned to do it with wood, using the laser printer to engrave all these detailed bits onto it. but then realized it would take too long to do that. so i decided to make my final piece with different cardboard then coloring it. took a bit time to figure out how to make the needle movable, tried using one of those 2-legged pins for the job but it’s really thick. in the end a normal bulletin push-pin did the job nicely. 

i’m glad how the final piece turned out but i would definitely like to do the wooden one as well. maybe another time ?