“Lust – 2016

›Lust‹ is a fictive art museum project I realized at the University of Applied Science Augsburg, Germany. The work contains exhibition and catalogue design and is printed on different Fedrigoni papers. It gathers erotic artworks of Richard Avedon, Ken Currie, Nan Goldin, Hans von Aachen, Annie Leibovitz and many others.”

Lust Exhibition by Fabian Franz

Came across Tim Noble and Sue Webster’s shadow art while flipping through a design book at the bookstore

I think the installations themselves are artworks as well. Also an interesting webpage design. You could look at more of their work here

final wayfinding system for my exhibition design. 

I’ve designed the numbers the same way I’ve done for the logo, numbers are cut up and distorted slightly, but still legible to direct people around the exhibition.

Final promotion of the exhibition in context.

The poster of the exhibition will be placed around London, onto staircases of the tube and train stations, and onto pedestrian crossings. The high pedestrian flow will give maximum publicity and promotion. The cutting up of the posters also ties in with the identity. 

It was suggested in the final crit that I use an inverted poster for the pedestrian crossing instead, as the original one would perhaps stop people from crossing. I’m not sure I’ve done the inverting properly on photoshop. 

I also tried to change the color of the background instead of using the ‘invert’ function on photoshop, however I couldn’t figure out what color to put the text in, as the text goes over the gaps and image, hence neither black or white would make all of the text visible/legible. 

This is my final ephemera for the project. I’ve chosen a three-fold design in the end. On one side, there are information of the highlights of the exhibition. And on the other side, there are further information and a short intro to the exhibition. The ephemera folds out to be the poster of the exhibition at the back, a lil something that people can take home with them if they want to. 

The size of my ephemera is rather small, but I wanted to keep the size that way so that it’s easier to keep. It’s also handier and easier to hold and flip around when reading the information.