an animation project done for the NHS Life Channel to encourage children to have their “active 60 minutes every day”.

uses a mascot of a dog and computer animation to make carrying out the message to kids more effective. it’s more interesting and catches children’s attention easier. it would appeal to kids of all ages, especially younger kids to follow the mascot and perhaps dance to the background music of the promotional animation.

If you don’t move you get fat campaign by Scholz & Friends in Germany. 

simple and straight forward idea of using static/motionless statues as metaphor for not exercising, the lack of physical activity. 

Let’s Move ! campaign launched by US First Lady Michelle Obama 

– aims to help fight obesity/overweight problem in children 

– five pillars of this initiative : 

1) create a healthy start for children

2) empower parents & caregivers

3) provide healthy food in schools

4) improve access to healthy, affordable foods 

5) increase exercise/physical activity