Process of the bulletin board poster 

I finally decided to use the bulletin board instead of the photo album design. I placed in the old photographs and adjusted the colors of the photos to make it more polaroid-like.

I added captions on the polaroids and tried out different ways of putting the copy and tagline. I think having the text in white makes it stand out more from the rest of the board.

I decided to move the logo of the health department onto the polaroids as it has a white background and it would less of a distraction. I think it looks better treated as a sticker on the polaroid instead of having it as a small card pinned on the bulletin board. 

common advertising campaign strategies: 

  • emotional appeals 

Advertising campaigns that successfully play on the emotions of customers can have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line. If you are targeting parents, for example, you might focus on the bond between a mother and a child or the feeling that time is moving too fast. Although emotional advertising can be difficult to execute well, a strong campaign can tug at the heartstrings of your audience and prompt them to purchase your goods.

  • ideal lifestyle

To make a person want to buy a product, you can use people and activities that represent your target audience’s ideal lifestyle. Upon watching, hearing, or reading your advertisement, potential customers must be left with the sense that people who are using your products or services have the kind of jobs, family, and income they want. This creates a desire in the minds of your customers, as part of them believes that if they purchase your company’s product, they will be one step closer to their dreams.

  • celebrities 
  • feel-good

“Feel-good” advertising campaigns are designed to create positive associations with your company. When executed well, they can help your business build a friendly, funny, or charitable reputation, which can make customers want to purchase your products or services. To carry out a feel-good campaign, you can use humor, be transparent about your processes, or focus on the ways that your company serves humanity or the environment. When a customer has a positive perception of your company, he is likely to transfer that feeling to your products.

i think among the 4 main categories, celebrities may not be applicable in this health promotion campaign. 

Let Me Run is a programme that aims to inspire boys to lead an active and healthy lifestyle through running. 
I think it’s quite an interesting approach in encouraging boys to do exercise, it also helps develop their mentality and other skills, such as determination and perseverance.  

An article on what kinds of exercise you can do with your children written by Stacy Cacciatore. She categorized children of different ages into groups and gives advice on exercise that’s suitable for that particular age group.

As I’m focusing on young children of ages 6-12 for the health brief, her suggested exercise are as follows:

“Ages 6-10

While a 6-year-old may be too big for a jogging stroller, he can participate in a supervised work out. My family started a game night this summer, and it was going really well for the first several weeks, until we all got tired of Connect 4, Battleship and playing the Wii.

One night we decided to do something different and have family fitness night instead. We all strapped on our helmets and hopped on our bikes for a trip around the neighborhood and the local park. At first my suggestion was met with myriad complaints, but after our ride my son asked, "Can we do this every night?”

Biking with the kids not only got us all active, but it was a great opportunity to teach safety rules, show the kids around the neighborhood and have fun after a long day of work and school.

Ages 11 and up

Children may be old enough to join their parents on runs and keep up the pace. Girls on the Run Charlotte is a great organization promoting healthy living and self-esteem to preteen girls. By getting involved in Girls on the Run, adults can be a part of encouraging fitness for their child, as well as themselves.

Let Me Run is a nonprofit program aimed at strengthening boys in body and spirit. Running and group activities equip them with tools to lead a balanced and fulfilling life — emotionally, physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.

Families can sign up for local 5Ks or Family Fun Run events. This allows parents and children to set a goal, practice with training and accomplish completing a race together. These activities also give children and parents a sense of accomplishment and teaches children to practice to achieve a goal.

Exercising with children can be fun and beneficial for everyone involved. It will not only improve a child’s health, but it will create memories to share for years to come.“

“Here’s what I like: I like fitness games on my Xbox 360, especially the Zumba and Dance Central series. There is new content added regularly and by the time I burn myself out on one of the games? A new version is released. The other great part is that I can actually do them with my older daughter. My younger one even gets in the action every once in awhile, doing her own little toddler boogie in front of me. I like going on walks with my girls, Addie on her bike and Vivi in her stroller, bonus points if the sun is out and the sidewalks are cleared off. With the strangely mild spells of weather we’ve been experiencing we have had a lot more chances to enjoy outside than a typical winter. The last thing I like doing at home is hooping, which is really just a fancy term for Hula Hooping. I have an adult weighted hoop and I’m really good at it, Addie is a natural hooper as well and we’ll have hooping standoffs in the living room to see who will quit first. ”

parents’ perspective of working out with kids/ doing ‘exercise’ regularly with children