Another illustration journal that I found in the library. Illustrations are based on the author’s childhood memories of his house and the farm. I really like the way he used different textures and patterns to illustrate the different parts of the surroundings.

Carne Griffiths uses ink, tea and alcohol for his illustrations. His illustrations are beautifully done and i think the tea works well with them. There’s also an imaginative, dreamy feel to his illustrations as his works is described as creating ‘a journey of escapism’.

It’d be interesting to look at how he’s done his illustrations. Shall ‘investigate’ into this and see if there are any videos/ footage of it. 

a thought-provoking advertisement on inner beauty and appearance. it’s also brought out an interesting observation of how we see ourselves and other people. we tend to focus on our own flaws when we look at ourselves and overlooking the good points, hence failing to realize and appreciate the real beauty in us. whereas when we look at other people, we are able to see their strengths and the good qualities in them.