I am here by Emmanuelle Moureaux

法國藝術家 Emmanuelle Moureaux 透過衛星系統,在日本搜尋出 18000 位女性身影,然後再用上 100 種顏色的色紙,剪出她們的剪影,製作出名為「I am here」的裝置藝術,希望用來表達東京銀座一帶人潮擠擁的情況。有趣的是,她在這 18000 張剪影裡面藏了兩個小女孩和一隻貓的剪影,考驗大家的眼力,真的名副其實眾裡尋她/牠千百度呢。

The act of writing and sending greeting cards, postcards and invitations not only makes each message unique, printed cards are memories in tangible form and they also bear a certain charm that electronic communication cannot replace.

People of Print Posterzine #3


Designer of the week – 13/10/2014

Olga Ezova-Denisova    |    http://ezovadenisova.ru

Olga Ezova-Denisova is an artist and illustrator based in Yekaterinburg, Russia. She uses hand-held techniques to create her illustrations. Her favorite type of work is a collage, linocut and stamps. She likes to experiment with the new techniques, mixing and trying different artistic techniques.

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