Presentation boards for the health brief, with the finalized poster designs and posters fitted in context. I think the posters came out quite well. If I were to improve my designs, I would have tried digging up more old/ childhood photographs of people doing exercises. I think having a wider range of photographs and illustrating different kinds of exercises would have given the posters a broader range and more variety. 

Child health care campaign on fighting obesity in Georgia 

– target audience : parents 

– tips on how to make small/simple changes 

– raises awareness in parents / help realize the seriousness of obesity/overweight children 

Change4life aims to help/ encourage people to exercise more and eat healthier/better. It provides tips on how you can improve your habits as a family or as an individual. You can find suggestions of places to go for exercises and some healthy recipes.

I think the colorful presentation of the campaign would work really well ‘cause it definitely catches your attention. It also gives a positive and uplifting feeling that makes the whole idea of keeping fit and being healthy much more enjoyable. 

shocking tactic used on a tobacco box. everybody knows smoking/tobacco is harmful to your health and people around you. but the impact is MUCH stronger when you put it visually. visual effects are much stronger/influential than text in this case. it’s more immediate and horrifying.