“Vintage launched its Classics imprint ten years ago with a series of 20 books, pairing a classic work with a contemporary title. The new brand had a bold design and ushered in a cover and spine treatment that is now instantly recognisable. Since then, a range of design approaches have marked Vintage Classics out as a home for well-crafted individual covers, innovative collaborations and some of the best series design in recent years. The design team regularly shares its work via its CMYK blog.“

Good Chemistry Brewing by Confederation Studio

“We created the name ‘Good Chemistry Brewing’, which represents both the relationship between Bob and Kelly and their scientific approach to brewing. Each beer was represented by an infographic that would accurately break down its specific flavours. The brewery branding was also peppered with geeky beer related facts accompanied by technical illustrations. This resulted in the brand having a very scientific, knowledgeable yet engaging personality.”


My stamp arrived today! Along with a set of blank recycled cards. They are hand-cut with rounded corners using a traditional guillotine. Manufactured from 75% UK post consumer waste and 25% dung from the Sri Lankan elephant. The dung is collected, cleaned up and turned into pulp. The card itself it treated using non-chlorine methods to remove all bacteria, and is manufactured using the heritage steam-driven Fourdrinier machine, the worlds first mechanised paper-making machine dating back to 1895. Time to get stamping!