“Vintage launched its Classics imprint ten years ago with a series of 20 books, pairing a classic work with a contemporary title. The new brand had a bold design and ushered in a cover and spine treatment that is now instantly recognisable. Since then, a range of design approaches have marked Vintage Classics out as a home for well-crafted individual covers, innovative collaborations and some of the best series design in recent years. The design team regularly shares its work via its CMYK blog.“

New series of Shakespeare’s plays by Penguin 

”For each volume, Waldia’s detailed work picks out the theme of the play and intertwines symbolic elements from the plot into a single illustration. Based on the few images of the series that have been released so far, Shakespeare’s tragedies appear to feature a black background, while comedies make use of white.”

A Good Book

“I launched this project on Twitter in 2011. My idea back then was to use Twitter’s image upload function as a visual book diary, giving something back to the Internet and trying to counteract its oft-decried ‘cultural diabetes’. The concept is simple: every day I take my iPhone and photograph a book, old or new, that has caught my attention and that I consider relevant. The books I choose stand out with their contents, design or tactile quality. They bear witness to lasting value in the evanescent and super­ficial world of Twitter. It’s just as if the virtual universe were holding them like a sturdy bookshelf, making them accessible to everyone.”

A Good Book

perfect bound my flipbooks. covers are debossed with metal type using the letterpress.

creased and folded all my posters. posters folded down nicely, though I would still prefer it to be of thinner stock. but a thinner stock probably won’t go through the large format printer. so I’m happy with what I’ve got now. 

Sings of use suggest a useful book. This aging process is entirely natural, takes a little away from the book, and should be celebrated. Of course, such wear can only occur if a book has been designed to last. If all books were designed to break apart on first opening, we would be denied that beauty.

Letterpress: New applications for traditional skills by David Jury