Sings of use suggest a useful book. This aging process is entirely natural, takes a little away from the book, and should be celebrated. Of course, such wear can only occur if a book has been designed to last. If all books were designed to break apart on first opening, we would be denied that beauty.

Letterpress: New applications for traditional skills by David Jury

A book on Chinese Hundred Surname done by Ice Tong. I like how she’s used the incorporated the stitching/binding of the book with the chinese characters/title. I think the modern and simplistic design of the book makes the history of Chinese surnames more interesting as it’s easier to look at and more bearable for some. 

reminds me of Irma Boom’s tiny book, whereas this one is so much tinier that you have to read it under a microscope. the purpose of a book has been transformed from providing information/entertainment to offering protection or a sense of security. 

An interactive book design, readers have to tear apart the pages to read on, hence having to participate and engage in the process/ journey of narration. A creative approach of using french folds/ perforated pages to enhance interactivity.