A book on Chinese Hundred Surname done by Ice Tong. I like how she’s used the incorporated the stitching/binding of the book with the chinese characters/title. I think the modern and simplistic design of the book makes the history of Chinese surnames more interesting as it’s easier to look at and more bearable for some. 

An interactive book design, readers have to tear apart the pages to read on, hence having to participate and engage in the process/ journey of narration. A creative approach of using french folds/ perforated pages to enhance interactivity.


(via The Dainty Squid)

Creative use of cassette tape as cover/ part of the book

i like cassette tapes…they’re just interesting. old and ancient-ish. historical..? hahaha


Exquisite Woven Bookbindings by Natalie Stopka

“I spend my days pulling prints and binding books with favor for unconventional structure, textiles, and tactility. Books are made with uncommon fibers, repurposed and hand dyed fabrics, and vintage textiles.”

simply beautiful.

final outcome for my ‘journey of an object’ brief. 

struggled a bit with this brief to be honest. i was taken back by the idea of having to make a 16-page book. and somehow i kept having the idea of a novel or textbook, text-filled book in my head when i had to come up with ideas. however, i was enlightened that book can be sth simple and easy-to-read, like a short story or fairytale that has more images that text. 

really enjoyed doing book-binding for the brief though. could develop it further by improving the silhouette illustrations of the book and using actual digital paper for the book instead of scanning them into the computer and printing it out again. the opague effect would have been more significant. 

did book binding workshop ! 

tried out the japanese bind and circle accordian bind. 

the japanese bind is surely easier, as pages are individual; whereas the accordian one requires some accurate measurements to match up the pages and covers nicely. 

another type of book binding. this looks more complicated than the traditional coptic bind. but i like how the stitch goes onto the cover/back of the book, can be used as design of front/back cover

handmade sketchbooks done by Gina Nagi

bind : thread stitch