attempted marbled printing again. this time using shaving cream and paint to do it. they turned out better than the ones I did with soapy water and watercolours. I printed onto old black and white photographs, and this second hand illustration book I got from the vintage bookstore.

thought the typography on these album covers look really interesting. (Left: Forever EP by Haim; Middle: London EP by Banks; Right: I Love You by The Neighbourhood)  I especially like the illustrative and geometric-ish typography on Banks’ London EP album.

Working on the poster for my exhibition. Played around with lines and images. Feel like the image ones look better and ties in with the exhibition more. Not sure if having the lines and cut up effect is too much…

printmaking with ink and light bulb. tried different ways of using the light bulb, rolling, spinning, twirling. I think the prints turned out quite interesting and abstract. They also have a certain rhythm it them.

Some of my prints made in the workshop yesterday. It was really fun and I had a great time playing/exploring with the different medium given. I really liked the texture created with the thick brushes. I might explore more on using ink in making prints ‘cause I really like the contrast and results created. 

Workshop on folding and format

I did a little experiment and created a fold by making changes to the concertina fold. It’s not too user-friendly or logical though. I might explore more into the book fold and my own invented fold to see if I could incorporate Irma Boom’s unconventional style/ hidden boldness into the format. 

taken from Eadweard Muybridge’s Animal Locomotion photography series. these photos were taken originally to find out how a horse gallops/ run, whether all fours are on the ground when they trot.

these photos break down and captures the movements of actions, eg. jumping, walking etc.

could be an interesting way to promote exercise as i think the individual shots not only capture the movement, but also the expression and atmosphere in great detail. it would amplify the happiness/ fun in kids doing exercise/ working out.