“Washington-based husband-and-wife team Robbie and Kara Johnson have opened up an online store—“Below The Boat”—that offers beautifully-made, multi-layered wooden maps that shows what lies beneath lakes, rivers and oceans. 

Handcrafted in Michigan, these unconventional topographic maps provides a rare insight into the under-explored underwater landscapes—which are often no less stunning than their counterparts on land. 

Consisting of stacked layers of Baltic birch, the patterns are laser-cut and glued together to portray the troughs and peaks of ocean floors, lake and river beds. ”

An article that addresses the increasing number of overweight children in US. There’s an uprising trend due to various reasons and can be categorized under 2 groups – diet and exercise. It also suggests some simple tips on how the situation can be improved, such as avoiding artificial snacks and drink water instead of juice/soda.