D&AD brief 2015 John Lewis

John Lewis Sketchbox

This is a collaborative project in response to the D&AD New Blood 2015 John Lewis Brief. The concept is to showcase British Designs on home delivery packaging, featuring hand-drawn initial sketches from selected designers.JL sketches.jpgjohn lewis board.jpgJohn Lewis.jpg

The boxes are reversible and can be reused for gift giving or storage purposes. The filling is an eco-friendly blend of expandable maize mixed with natural dried leaves which can be composted.


Sketchbox is linked to a smartphone app to give customers an interesting glimpse into the stories and journeys behind the products. By scanning the Sketchbox through the app, customers are presented with selected materials and information about the designers. The pages link directly to the designers’ products that can be purchased at John Lewis through the app.

john lewis boards.jpg