Are Paper Maps Obsolete? – Olaf’s Corner

“But that GPS Lady who verbally gives you directions is only concerned about getting you from here to there in the quickest, most efficient way possible. She cares nothing for the “blue highways,” as writer William Least Heat-Moon calls them — the small, forgotten, out-of-the-way roads (which were drawn in blue on the old-time Rand McNally road atlas) where you’re likely to encounter the things you didn’t plan on: a remote nature reserve, an encounter with a bear, or even a great diner that serves an exceptional piece of pie.

GPS Lady doesn’t understand when you don’t follow her instructions and reprimands you with a stern word of “recalculating” when you venture off her chosen route.”

But by never taking a wrong turn or never feeling that heart-pounding thump when you believe for a moment that you’re totally lost in a strange land takes away from how we’ll experience adventure in the future. Adventure will no longer be in the journey but solely in the destination.”