I had been sick with the cold and missed the chance of helping out with tidying up the letterpress collection, would have been a great chance to dig up all of the interesting letters and pieces hiding in some of those drawers. 

Having missed the chance of cleaning the letterpress collection, I helped out with tidying up the studio in preparation for the graduate exhibition. We took down all of the works that were displayed and posted up on the wall. 

We also poured out paint from the big paint buckets so we could paint over the table tops/boards to have them white and crisp to display the amazing work of third years. 

It was a great opportunity of cooperation and collaboration between us and the third years as we all helped out to clear out the main studio. We seldom see them in uni so it was interesting to work together and help them out with preparing for their exhibition.  It’s a pity I won’t be able to make it to their show as I’ll be heading home soon. I shall make sure I don’t miss it next year! 

Got the afternoon off as most of the preparation was done. Sat in the sun and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Can’t believe first year of uni has gone by so quickly!