Group project evaluation

For the group project, we were split up into 3 groups – photography, typography and illustration. We were to choose which group we want to be in and I was torn between illustration and photography as both are great interests of mine. In the end, I decided to join the illustration group as I have more confidence working in this than photography.

We each had to answer questions given on the brief while presenting ourselves/style in it. Among the questions, I narrowed down to making a decision between 2 options – aspirations or desert island design book. I thought both questions allowed an imaginative answer which is what I had in mind for my illustration. In the end I decided to work on the aspirations question. 

I didn’t want to illustrate my aspirations in a very literal way. So I decided to work on an imaginative illustration that would hopefully convey the feeling of my completing my aspirations. 

Throughout the project, there had been a lot of changes made. Initially we had decided on making a newspaper format magazine. But after looking at how to design our illustrations, our group thought a double spread page in a newspaper was a bit too big and hard to handle. We also thought the paper weight of a newspaper was too thin, allowing the printing to go onto the next page; and it also wouldn’t be as durable as a book. Having discussed with the other two groups, we abandoned the newspaper idea and changed our format to a book sized 195x250mm. 

Another major change was the colors we could use. Originally, our group had decided to use black, white, grey and 1 chosen color of our own. But when we put the whole class’ spreads together, a flow that link our pages was missing. It didn’t reflect an unity as a class project, so we decided to restrict the colors further and use 1 color for the whole class. Hence the possible colors we could use are Black, White, Grey and Red.

I must say red was not on my list of considered colors to use at all as I was looking into cool colors more but not warm colors. I wasn’t sure of how my illustration would turn out as red and light blue are a great contrast and give very different feelings. However, the illustration did turn out alright in the chosen red. It did give a different feeling but I think it still works to convey the what I had wanted to in the beginning.

I edited the colors on photoshop by changing the blues to red. I’ve also added in more bubbles on the page because it looked a bit too plain and blank. It also gave the illustration more rhythm and pace.

After Jess and Rachel designed the cover, I helped out with working it out on the letterpress. (I love letterpress) We tried it out with 2 similar fonts and adjusted the leading. The prints came out really nice and had a handmade/ craft feeling to it, which ties in with the theme of our book – bringing handmade and digital together. 

I’m excited to see the real printed copy after seeing the mock-up. I think it’ll be a great collection of all our work and it’ll be a really nice copy as we’re getting it printed by professional printers. 

Through this project I have experienced the tension and strain of working on a publication in a big group. And I assume this would be very similar to what it’s like in an actual design studio or magazine publication company. Although we are each responsible for only 1 double page spread, we have to work together as a group and follow guidelines and instructions given by our leaders to make things work. If we did not follow the given deadlines we would have slowed down the whole process. It takes everyone to be involved and cooperative to make things work and get things done. If time allowed, I would prefer to have redrawn another illustration in red instead of changing the colors on Photoshop. It would have made editing the bubbles easier and the outlines might look better. I would also have used a different kind of paper for my illustration, proper watercolor paper or sth with a heavier weight/textured surface. (Oh how much I miss painting and drawing) Overall, I’m pleased with how my page looks like and am looking forward to getting the real copy.