Other than taking away the words we didn’t understand, we tried to highlight those words.  
‘Cause sometimes when you come across sth that’s new/unfamiliar/strange/out of place, you tend to go back it or hover over it. We picked those words/phrases out from the text, and covered everything else. By using a simple gate fold, you first only see the selected words/phrase. Only when you open the fold, then you’ll see the whole text and get to understand what it is. 

We took it further and did our final outcome by having multiple folds. We overlaid each fold on top of each other so that they are in a way intertwined. We took out different words/phrases on each layer so that as you flip open each fold, you’ll see more and more text. It’s also another way of presenting how we read the paragraph again and again until we finally got to understand the meaning of it.