health brief (ii) evaluation

The second part of this brief lasted for 4 weeks and time flew past really quick. I think Gavin’s talk was really helpful in helping you start with planning and storyboarding. You really need a clear list of what you have to do and what you want to achieve in your animation before you can start animating it and doing the computer stuff. 

Having done my storyboard for my animation, I was kinda lost as to where and how to start regarding After Effects. Only after having started to create something, such as importing the related files onto After Effects and adjusting the duration of scenes, then you eventually get the hang of it and know what you have to do. 

After Effects wasn’t as hard as I thought. Once you understand the basics and how it works, applying other effects and animating things are pretty much the same. I did struggle a bit with using the camera layer with a null object layer. It was quite confusing as I didn’t know how to have it zoom in and zoom back out without having it bounce in and out instead. But having some help from youtube tutorials has solved the problem. It is quite time-consuming to tweak a little thing on your animation and it does take a lot of patience and concentration. I’ve also come to appreciate the effort, time and hard-work that animators put into creating short films and movies. Imagine the amount of time and effort you have to put into creating a movie. A professional would probably have more tools and gadgets, and better knowledge and experience with After Effects, but it would still take great effort and time to create and polish a professional-looking and amazing animation. 

The sound effects are still rather soft although I already have it at max. volume. Perhaps it would have helped solved the problem if I had a better sound file in the first place. The man in the swimming scene is sort of pixelated ‘cause the original file isn’t a high quality one, after all some of the photographs I used date back to when I was a child, when digital cameras and high def don’t exist yet.

Overall, I thought it was a fun project to do. I would definitely like to explore with After Effects more and try creating something else. I’m sure can help me with that.