Process of fridge poster:

I originally had more post-its notes and mom’s lil notes on the fridge layout. But I thought there would be too much cluster and they were all over the place. So I decided to just keep 1 post-it and the polaroids. I think the post-it draws people’s attention and catches your eye so it was a good place for the tagline. It also made it stand out from the other things. 

I further cropped the fridge ‘cause I thought just having a bit of the freezer looked strange. I was worried that if I cropped it, it won’t look like a fridge anymore. However, the layout with magnets and the shiny surface managed to have it still look like a fridge.

I moved the logo of the Department of Health onto one of the polaroids instead of having it as a magnet. It looks more like a sticker on the polaroid but works well, ’cause it wouldn’t distract people from the rest of the contents as it did before as a magnet.